Brussels Expo

11,000 m2 - 350 exhibitors - 90 speakers - 20,000 visitors expected

Why exhibit in Brussels AS from november 2020

Brussels is a European capital that attracts innovative companies from all over Northern Europe (in particular Denmark, Luxembourg, Finland, Lithuania and Germany).

Inspired by the French model as well as the Swiss and Spanish trends, Belgium is currently opting for the Silver Economy.

The proximity of the Flemish and Walloon industry, sometimes competitive, often complementary, opens a new, flexible, innovative and mature market with a high ROI.

The dynamics of research centers and competitive clusters that are much better structured than in other countries ensure immediate monitoring of your market, facilitating the identification of key players and the acceleration of new scientific or commercial partnerships.

Being present in Brussels offers Belgian and French companies the opportunity to quickly and efficiently move their current area to Flanders, Wallonia, France and the Mediterranean.

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Identify yourself to receive the registration request

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Silver Economy exports to Belgium to open up to North-European markets. The Silver Economy also moves to Nice to develop the Mediterranean markets, and the Francophonie too! Take advantage of our pre-sales offers on one or two exhibitions…

First registered, first best served! Belgian, Flemish and Walloon companies are side-by-side and for the very first time, the Belgian competitiveness clusters will be exhibiting in the sectors of the European Silver Economy!

Amazing meetings and many partnerships are on sight…