Trade shows and social networks are the new means of communication and sharing. Visiting an exhibition is an act of commitment, and not just consumption. Exposing in a new generation fair is a citizenship and interdependent strategy that puts the company at the heart of both changes and new consumer trends.

The Welcome Tomorrow fairs are radically innovative exhibitions. Not only do they give a voice to participants, but also they allow consumers and citizens to express whether social or technological innovation is effectively useful, easy and accessible. The challenge of these new fairs in Brussels (November 2020) and Nice (April 2021) is to initiate a new alliance between manufacturers, consumers and associations. And whom other than 50 years and over (50+) people may be able to present, illustrate and accompany these useful innovations?

350 exhibitors will be grouped in 4 thematic villages: Health & welfare, Housing & home, Tourism & leisure, Well & being. Furthermore, visitors will have access to a conference space entirely dedicated to the changing society and to the behavioural changes of the citizen of tomorrow. Indeed, visitors will have the chance to talk about Circular Economy, Slow Act, So Optimist. What is more, they will be able to attend thematic presentation sessions of useful technological innovations that will modify our attitude so to meet real needs, such as companion robots, walking exoskeletons and safety drones.

Exhibitors have put their trust in us and we are expecting a great deal of visitors to come!

And finally, Welcome TomorroW!

Mr Jean-Philippe MOUSNIER

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Silver Economy exports to Belgium to open up to North-European markets. The Silver Economy also moves to Nice to develop the Mediterranean markets, and the Francophonie too! Take advantage of our pre-sales offers on one or two exhibitions…

First registered, first best served! Belgian, Flemish and Walloon companies are side-by-side and for the very first time, the Belgian competitiveness clusters will be exhibiting in the sectors of the European Silver Economy!

Amazing meetings and many partnerships are on sight…