The second life attitude

50 years old people, half of our life is behind, the other half is just in front of us;
Yesterday our experience and our success
In the future, life will be what we make of it
Feel the importance of making the right choices now
Take control of your life
Be aware that anything can happen any time
Enjoy your life at any moment
It does not matter how
Life is precious, do not spoil it
Consume and live less dependent and less artificial
Support true values ​​of simplicity, proximity, ethics,
be useful, get engage in attractive social causes or solidarity
become “militant” of a new way of living, of a new more
profitable society, because it is right and desirable
this is what aging at 50 years means
this is called the SECOND LIFE ATTITUDE


Social or technological innovation prepare the way of living in the society of tomorrow. Real useful innovations are not technological gadgets but new tools that can effectively change the attitude of the consumers who truly need it.

Exo-skeletons, domestic robots, augmented reality, adaptation of the habitat, interconnections between mobilities are in full revolution.

But the Second Life Attitude rejects a large number of medical or societal devices if have not they been associated yet. Eco design, living labs and clusters of tomorrow must involve the fragile user at the highest level and throughout the design of innovative solutions.

Sometimes many innovations are not sustainable or reliable, as they should be. The second life attitude is tired of being a perpetual field of experimentation of disconnected objects.

As a consequence, it is now extremely necessary to demonstrate the usefulness, the simplicity, the reliability, the sustainability of the innovations before putting them on the market. It is the final consumer who decides whether a product is worth a market. It is both a force of evaluation and appreciation that is at researchers and engineers’ complete disposal. Nothing will be done without the active participation of our Seniors.

The innovative solution must prove its usefulness and acceptability before being placed on the market. We are specifically talking about a new generation of R1d integrating user groups, consumer associations, which are the effects of an ECO-CO-DESIGN.



Being halfway between our past experiences and our future choices makes us feel alive.  What becomes important is to fully enjoy each moment and to practice CARPE DIEM. To give meaning to those little moments and pleasures of life becomes crucial.

Currently, statistics show that the number of humanitarian associations and cultural initiatives exceeds 60´% but being helpful in our society does not mean that we need to get involved in great causes. It can be both easier and more natural than what we believe to truly change the pace of our life and to take the time to fulfil our projects.

As a consequence of what we admitted, the 50+ are committed to valuing new trends in the society of tomorrow. Waste, recycling, renewable energies, short circuits, labels of proximity, slow act, full awareness, so optimist become virtuous practices that are the pride of those who practice and teach them.

Everything we have just admitted is part of the renovated art of aging despite some possible difficulties. What is fundamental is to maintain our Seniors active and valuable.

The SECOND LIFE 50+ concept must both look carefully at and bring together all these new practices of living to make technological innovations available. Last but not least, our aim is to accelerate the behavioral changes of a crucial part of the population.


Society is changing in a threatened planet; the values of overconsumption, lifestyle, waste reduction, energy saving, recycling and repair are modifying the behaviour of both past and new generations. Living the second part of the life in a more responsible and authentic way becomes a deep concern for many 50+. Studying, observing, understanding and sharing values are significant activities for the 50+, whose experience plays a crucial role for the new communities. It becomes the centerpiece of these new communities, with this desire to change the world in which our children and grandchildren live.

Put free time and past experience at new generations’ disposal, while acting to promote certain values, gives a true sense of well aging.

It is not surprising that the 50+ are at the core of the major changes in nowadays society. Surely, it is necessary to re-think the various modes of consumption that we are mostly used to.


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