The WELCOME TOMORROW fairs consist of 3 dedicated spaces to promote a new art of "ageing well"

350 exhibitors offering innovative solutions are grouped in 4  “themed” villages

  • Health & Welfare
  • Housing and home
  • Tourism and Leisure
  • Sport, nutrition and well-being

A demonstration area to come and "touch and test" mature and useful innovations that can really have an impact on our "ageing well" in the next 5 years:

  • Virtual or augmented reality around the home
  • Walking exoskeletons
  • Companion robots
  • Support drones
  • Personal services

And two conference cycles and round tables reuniting "aging well" stakeholders identified and selected by the members of our scientific committee.

  • General public: understanding, transmitting and engaging in the different dimensions of "ageing well"
  • Professionals: accelerate the dissemination of innovative solutions exhibited or presented in the show's demonstration area


The detailed program for this conference cycle will be posted online beginning of May 2020 at the same time as the ticket office allowing you to reserve your seats.
PLEASE NOTE, the number of seats for each conference is limited and it will be mandatory to register



Booking via this website

Ticket Expo only (no conferences) 10 € VAT incl per day
Access to the exhibition only
Entrance ticket - 1 Day Exhibition 20 € VAT incl per day
Access to all conferences & demos
Entrance ticket - 2 Days Exhibition 30 € VAT incl for 2 days
Access to all conferences & emos
Ticket PASS for 3 days 40 € VAT incl for 3 days
Access to all conferences & demos


Businnes Ticket

5 visitors - 1 day 80 € VAT incl instead of 100 € (4 + 1 free)
Access to all conferences & demos
5 visitors - 2 days 120 € VAT incl instead of 150 € (4 + 1 free)
Access to all conferences & demos
5 visitors - 3 days 160 € VAT incl instead of 200 € (4 + 1 free)
Access to all conferences & demos
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